Experience? Non-existent

Do you know those people who take pictures of everything? Or the ones who have really detailed Snapchat, Instagram, or are photographers? Yeah… that isn’t me. I rarely take a picture. I think most of this comes from my perfectionist nature. I don’t like how my pictures turn out so I don’t take them. Usually, if I do take a picture, it is of something adorable, something funny, something I want to share, or a moment I want to remember.

Here are some of the photos I’ve taken in the last year.

I decided to take this photo because, from this perspective, it appeared that the railing completely blocked the crosswalk. It reminded me of the design fail videos that I had seen. (In reality, the railing ended just out of sight of the picture allowing an individual to step onto the sidewalk without a problem).

I took this particular photo to show how small this baby rabbit was. My sister’s rabbits had just had babies a few weeks earlier and I couldn’t help but photograph my favorite baby multiple times.

The most I’ve ever worked with feeling or emotion in a photo is trying to capture the humor of a situation. My photos might be the kind that would work well with a story accompanying them to explain the situation and make the viewer laugh. I don’t feel like they tell a story all their own.

When it comes to how I actually take the photograph, I haven’t really taken much care in the past. I’m the definition of an amateur photographer (unless there is a term for a photographer that is less experienced than an amateur…). I position the person or item directly in front of me and I photograph it. Head on, straight up and down, boring perspective.

In the future, I would like to open my eyes to all the beautiful possibilities for photographs. For example, when I started painting and sketching, suddenly all I could see were the possibilities of something to paint or sketch. My artist brain emerged out of the mist and bombarded me with ideas. This is very similar to what I imagine would happen with my photographer brain (yes, I personify them as different sections of my brain.) Once I start experimenting with photography, I don’t know if I will ever stop.

When I do start taking regular photos, I want to learn about all the options. Lighting, perspective, shutter speed, ISO, and more. I know some information about these from watching photographers on YouTube but I have never tried to employ these techniques.

What about you? What is your favorite photograph that you have taken? Are you a casual photographer? A budding professional? Feel free to comment (and leave tips).


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