Familiar Logo, Strange Font

Have you ever wondered what a logo would look like if the original designer had tried using a different font? Well, that is exactly what this challenge, entitled “What a Crappy Font Will Do,” (3.5 stars) prompted me to do: change the font. “Take a well-known logo and remix it using a different font. The crappier the font, the better. Or maybe you think a different font might even improve the logo. Either way, change it and see if it truly does make a difference.”

I decided to go with something very well-known but yet very simple: the Google Logo. For those who can’t picture it offhand, here is what the original logo with the original font looks like:

Image result for google logo

So, now let’s start remixing. For this project, I started by writing “Google” in a word document and making all the letters as close to the right color as possible. Then, I started working my way through the list. Here are some of the craziest fonts I found:

Bauhaus 93
Curlz MT

I feel like you could use this font if it was a Google Kids site (or something along those lines).

Bookshelf Symbol 7

The last font is by far the craziest. While the others were still at least recognizable as English, I’m not sure what language or symbol language the last font is in.

Finally, here is the font I liked the most for a future Google font (if the company decides to change it). It has the same simplicity as the current Google font with a little bit of pizazz.

Imprint MT Shadow

This assignment was kind of fun to play around with. I rarely have the chance to explore all of the fonts that Word has available (though I swear there were some even crazier fonts when I was a kid). While I wouldn’t recommend most of these fonts for Google, I do wish that they had chosen something with a little more flare. Compared to all of the options I saw, the original seems lacking and unoriginal.

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