If I Could Go to Summer Camp

When I was a kid, I watched other kids going off to different camps during the summer. I was always jealous of them. They looked like they were having so much fun. Theater camp, music camp, just plain summer camp, I wanted to try them all. Unfortunately, I was not given the chance. Instead, I decided to create a camp poster for the camp I would have loved to attend in response to the prompt “Camp Poster” (3.5 stars).

My first step in creating my poster was to decide what kind of camp my poster would be advertising. I chose to make a poster about a theater camp; my inspiration came from a camp I saw while I was in high school. I watched the production that they put on at the end of the week. The play was Seussical (which is an amazing play if you haven’t seen it). One of my favorite parts was the interactions that the Cat in the Hat’s actor had with the crowd. The director told me later that part of the show was entirely improvisation and I was in awe. Thus, the inspiration for my poster. This is the photo I chose for my background:

Seussical JR. the Musical

With this choice, I decided to use Microsoft Word as my primary tool. Using the page color extra settings, I pasted this picture in the background of my poster. Then, I used three text boxes to create the text for my poster. I screenshot it, pasted and cropped it using Paint, and saved the final result.

Well, now you know something more about my story. I like music and theater. I’m not sure I’ve found a musical that I didn’t like. Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Anastasia, Newsies, Finding Neverland, and Hamilton are some of my favorites. My current favorite that I am obsessively listening to is the new Andrew Lloyd Webber Cinderella Musical. They are still in production and are slowly teasing the soundtrack. If you haven’t heard of it yet, here are two of my favorite songs from the soundtrack:

What was your favorite camp growing up? Would you attend this camp? Do you enjoy musicals? If so, which ones are your favorites? Feel free to respond in the comments.

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