You Need the Forgiveness, Not Them

I don’t know about you, but when I listen to music, different lyrics pop out each time I return to the song and strike me in different ways. The challenge “My Favorite Lyric” (2 stars) prompted me to take one of the lyrics that stood out to me and place it over a background that represents the lyric in some way.

The song I chose was “Forgiveness” by Matthew West. This particular song strikes me in different ways each time I listen to it, and it has influenced me in many ways. One might even say it has become part of my story. It inspired me to write a short story along the theme of who needs forgiveness the most. I decided to take a lyric from this song for my image.

This prompt actually took a lot longer than I thought it would. First, I picked a picture that I wanted to use as my background.

Image result for tearful hug of forgiveness

Then, I decided that I wanted to place something underneath the lyrics to make them really stand out and hit the viewer deeply. Thus, I came up with the idea to place prison bars with an open door underneath my lyrics. I chose to use this image:

Image result for jail bars door open

I started working with these items in GIMP. Similar to another project I did, I pasted the first image in the background and the second image in the foreground. Next, I used the Fuzzy Select Tool to remove all of the white space between the bars. Finally, I placed a text box on top of the two images and inserted my lyrics. It was not a pretty picture.

It was so… clunky, busy, and didn’t hit in the way that I wanted it to. I was really having trouble getting the text box to work correctly so I decided to switch over to Microsoft Word. It took me a bit more work to get the same orientation with the picture on the bottom and the bars on top. I added a text box on top, hoping that it looked like a sign. The result wasn’t much better.

Finally, I gave up on this setting. Nothing was working correctly. I scrapped the images entirely and went back to Google again. This time, I chose a simple image that had room for lyrics.

Image result for crying on shoulder

I took this to Word, added a text box in the upper corner, removed the background and the outline of the box, and made the words white. Finally, I had a result I was proud of.

This time, the lyrics were embedded in the image and didn’t stand out jarringly. Everything fit together as if that was the original plan for the image.

So, to all those out there who are blaming someone or angry at someone for something, forgive them. Not for their sake. They may or may not deserve it. But for your sake. You deserve that peace.

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